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Formerly British Belize and Guyana still criminalize homosexual acts but prosecutions for private consensual acts–in any of the other ‘forbidding’ Caribbean states–is very rare (outside of Jamaica).

Unlike most of the English-speaking Caribbean, T&T’s close proximity to oil-rich Venezuela allows its energy-based economy to rely mostly on the petroleum and petrochemicals industry; T&T is the largest exporter of LNG to the USA.Trinidad & Tobago is one of 13 completely independent Caribbean sovereign states that are not overseas territories, departments, or dependencies of large far-off mostly European countries.The other 20 are politically attached to Europe and the USA. The restaurant's treatment system has been completely replaced and is now meeting drinking water standards. Larrupin Cafe has now successfully resolved all compliance related issues with the California Department of Health Services.

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Gay Pride has been celebrated for almost two decades, but the activities are neither outdoors nor public, so they don’t quite look like a festival.

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  1. Wera Hobhouse MP, Liberal Democrat housing spokesperson, told “It is scandalous that developers are using this loophole to avoid their obligations, but even more scandalous that the Government is allowing them to do so.