My two best friends started dating

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) it’s not appropriate for employees to mock their colleagues for their perceived or actual medical conditions. My relationship with my family is at best distant—we don’t have a lot in common and there were several incidents of what I’ve been told most people would call abuse (but I’m not there yet, mentally speaking). I’ve managed to get him to tone it down around me enough that I can handle a monthly phone call, but that’s my limit.I really didn’t want him to walk me down the aisle, but by the end of the engagement, I was so burned out on decision-making that I just didn’t have the strength for that conversation, with him or any of my many relatives who would have demanded an explanation. He was so drunk at the rehearsal that I had to hold him up as we walked down the aisle, and he made jokes about disrupting the ceremony to object.(This wasn’t part of the ceremony, because we’re not in a Brontë novel.) He pulled my maid of honor into a conversation about all the women he could have brought to the wedding.He snuck a bottle of liquor into our unlimited beer-and-wine reception, which the venue fined me for.

In the few months after that —I kid you not—several people at the office have “casually” mentioned herpes and how disgusting it is. One co-worker asked about a red spot on my hand and said loudly, “Yuck, it looks like herpes!We technically have an open relationship, but neither of us has acted on it yet, so we talk a lot about how we’re feeling and any worries we have.I’ve never had this kind of “check-in” before, and it feels great.My administrative assistant asked for some pain relievers, and I opened my desk drawer and shared from a labeled, over-the-counter bottle of acetaminophen.I saw her staring at the unlabeled bottle in the drawer.

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He made passes at my husband’s aunt, one of my bridesmaids, my cousin’s fiancée, the DJ, and one of my good friends.