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Jennifer kesse dating website

The following morning, Robert called Jennifer on her cell phone only to be sent directly to voicemail.

He knew that Jennifer had an important meeting that morning so he most likely told himself that it was keeping her preoccupied.

She was in a healthy relationship with her boyfriend Robert who lived only a couple of hours away in Ft.

Lauderdale and was very close to her family who lived in Bradenton, FL.

The bathtub showed signs that Jennifer had showered just a few hours earlier: puddles of water surrounded her shampoo and conditioner bottles and a damp towel was draped across the dryer in her laundry room.

Her hair dryer and makeup were on display in the bathroom and her pajamas lay on the floor near the tub.

In her bedroom, her bed showed signs that it had been slept in and some articles of clothing were spread out on it, indicating that Jennifer had been trying to decide what to wear that day.

Alarmed, one of her coworkers called Jennifer’s parents who were listed as her emergency contact.During that call, Logan informed her that one of his friends had accidentally left his cell phone behind at her place and asked if she could ship it to him. After speaking to her family that evening, at exactly PM she called Robert.The couple routinely spoke to each other every night before going to sleep and every morning on their way to work.One important piece of information that should be noted is that the Orlando Police never processed Jennifer’s condo as a crime scene.Two days later, after Jennifer’s disappearance had been broadcast, police received a call from a resident at HOTG informing them that they’d come across Jennifer’s car parked near the complex pool.

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In 2006, the pretty blonde haired, green eyed girl left for a short vacation with Robert and some of their friends to St. During that weekend, with Jennifer’s permission, her brother Logan stayed at her condo with some of his friends.