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A constitutional bill of rights would over ride decades of bad laws that ought not have ever been written.I have worked with a variety of sovereign people and aboriginal leaders for over a decade, meeting yearly in Canberra to work on the best pathway towards their self-determination as a sovereign people.I have attended most recent animal welfare raids, animal abuse cases both here and in WA, to ensure I maintain a healthy understanding of animal welfare law, and to protect innocent carers from unfair prosecutions.I worked tirelessly and successfully to bring about a full inquiry in WA into the award of and use of awarded powers under the Act, with great success.In 2007 I was honored to represent several sections of the veteran community and speak on their behalf.

In 2010 I expose massive issues with the conduct of elections, inconsistencies with the electoral rolls, and the major parties abuse of our trust, having the government put on notice by the chief justice.I have worked to expose water issues with the media, held protests in relation to the actions of the grocery giants; I have set up numerous markets, and helped others with my own time and money to ensure avenues for producer’s to get a fair price for their product, which now feed over 20,000 South Australians.In Enfield, Parafield, Salisbury, Lights-view and Gawler.A topic of major concern to all parents, I have worked with a variety of organisations regarding child welfare, held rallies to raise shortfalls in services for the disabled and worked actively on child protection issues, from the Mulligan inquiry to Family's SA and state care accountability.I am also concerned at the lack of punishment for those found guilty of child abuse at any level, the need to improve mandatory reporting and the introduction of schemes like the "Safe Schools program" which overrides parental rights and genuine safe guards for vulnerable young aged children.

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I believe secure and equitable democratic practice is the only thing that will lead to a united community that can secure a genuine voice of the people when any debate is held in OUR parliament.